Bare Air (2 OZ)



The best all-natural tea tree air purifying spray, BARE AIR uses 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil to attack odor at its source.  BARE AIR successfully eliminates odors and respiratory irritants by targeting and neutralizing stench and illness-causing agents, leaving you with bare, clean air.


All-Natural Air Purifier
Neutralizes Odors without Harsh Chemicals
Reduces Ventilation Contaminants
Environmentally Friendly
Improves Indoor and Vehicle Air Quality
Light Scent Refreshes Without Overpowering

BARE AIR can be used to eliminate odors in homes, offices, vehicles, ductwork and more.

E-ZOIL has a complete line of high-performance cleaning products to keep your vehicles, equipment, tools, and hands looking great and smelling fresh!

Brochure Applications

C30-02 2 OZ 24
C30-08 8 OZ 12

BARE AIR can be used to eliminate odors in homes, offices, vehicles, duct work and more. Use to freshen large areas or as a concentrated spot treatment. Just spritz and go! Breathe it to believe it!