Diesel Fuel Testing

Diesel fuel testing is a critical component of any fuel management program. Diesel fuel is inherently unstable and susceptible to contamination. It breaks down over time and forms gums, varnishes and sludge. It is contaminated by water that is introduced into the fuel system by condensation. Poor handling and storage practices can also result in water contamination. These factors make regular fuel testing absolutely necessary.  

We conduct countless tests each year to help you properly treat your diesel fuel and maximize its performance. The most common tests we conduct are listed below.   

Diesel Fuel Test 

Diesel Fuel Test Method 

 Ash Content


 Biodiesel Testing


 Cetane Number


 Cloud Point

 D2500, D5771

 Cold Filter Plugging Point



 D6079 (HFRR)

 Particulate Contamination


 Pour Point

 D97, D5950

 Sediment Content


 Sulfur Content


 Water Content

 D95, D6304

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