E-ZOIL Announces Introduction of New Gas/Ethanol Additive

E-ZOIL Launches Phaze-Out, New Gas/Ethanol Performance Additive

Phaze-Out, 8 FL OZ
Phaze-Out, 8 FL OZ

Tonawanda, N.Y. - May 1, 2013 - E-ZOIL Products, Inc., an international manufacturer of gas additives, diesel fuel additives and specialty chemicals, announced the introduction of a new gas/ethanol additive, Phaze-Out.  Phaze-Out solves the most common problems associated with using ethanol-blended gasoline. 

"Gasoline blended with 10% ethanol has become standard at most of the nation's 160,000 gas stations.  It's being used to run not only cars and light to medium duty trucks but also boats and other small gas engines," said Chris Miller, E-ZOIL vice president.  "Most of these engines were not designed to run on anything but pure gasoline and, as a result, numerous problems have arisen."   

"One big problem with ethanol blended gasoline is that ethanol has a tendency to absorb moisture from the air and that moisture leads to a host of problems including separation of the ethanol from the gasoline.  This phenomenon is known as phase separation.  Phase separation leads to fuel tank corrosion, fuel line plugging, and overall fuel system and engine failure."  Phaze-Out will prevent phase separation and even reverse it where it has already occurred.  Phaze-Out will also clean the entire fuel system, which improves combustion and fuel economy.  "Consumers have too much money invested in their vehicles and equipment to risk catastrophic failure of their fuel systems from phase separation.  Phaze-Out prevents phase separation and the problems caused by it."        

For additional information about this product, visit www.EZOIL.com.

E-ZOIL, founded in 1980 and headquartered just outside Buffalo, NY, manufacturers a variety of specialty chemicals for gas and diesel vehicles and equipment.  Their diesel fuel additive line offers solutions to virtually any problem experienced by diesel fuel consumers.  Their cleaning products line cleans and protects vehicles and equipment exposed to heavy-duty environments.