E-ZOIL Announces Introduction of New Demulsifier Diesel Additives

E-ZOIL Launches Diesel Fire and Diesel Fire Plus, New Demulsifier Diesel Additives

Diesel Fire 8 OZ
Diesel Fire 8 OZ

Tonawanda, N.Y. - December 1, 2013 - E-ZOIL Products, Inc., an international manufacturer of gas additives, diesel additives, biodiesel additives and other specialty chemicals, announced the introduction of two new diesel additives, Diesel Fire and Diesel Fire Plus.  Diesel Fire and Diesel Fire Plus are multifunctional additives that solve many of the most common problems encountered by diesel fuel consumers. 

"High-pressure common rail fuel systems are quickly becoming the standard in today's diesel engines.  These engines subject the fuel system and, for that matter, the fuel to extremely high pressures, said Chris Miller, E-ZOIL vice president.  "The drawbacks of such a system are twofold.  First, water contamination, even in very fine amounts, has the potential to cause catastrophic failure of the entire fuel system.  Second, traditional diesel fuel additive detergents do not remove the injector deposits caused by HPCR engines."   

"Diesel Fire and Diesel Fire Plus solve both of these problems.  They separate the water from the fuel, thereby, preventing water from entering the fuel rail and injector.  They are also equipped with an advanced detergent package capable of removing stubborn HPCR injector deposits that cause injector sticking and, in some cases, failure." 

Mr. Miller also explained the difference between Diesel Fire and Diesel Fire Plus.  "We realize we live in a country with vastly different climates.  Many of us who live in the north commonly encounter subzero temperatures during the winter months.  That's why we included a cold flow improver in Diesel Fire Plus.  Diesel Fire, on the other hand, is geared toward warmer climates in the south.  Additionally, both products will increase cetane by up to 6 points, increase lubricity and improve fuel economy."

For additional information about these products, visit EZOIL.com.

E-ZOIL, founded in 1980 and headquartered just outside Buffalo, NY, manufacturers a variety of specialty chemicals for gas and diesel vehicles and equipment.  Their diesel additive line offer solutions to virtually any problem experienced by diesel fuel consumers.  Their cleaning products line cleans and protects vehicles and equipment exposed to heavy-duty environments. 

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