E-ZOIL Introduces New Marketing Materials

E-ZOIL Launches New Counter & Floor Displays and Counter Shaker Cards.

E-ZOIL Marketing Materials
E-ZOIL Marketing Materials

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a variety of new marketing materials.  The new items include a floor display, four counter displays, and three "shaker" cards. 

Floor Display

The new floor display will attractively and aggressively market our line of additives and cleaners in a retail setting.  It offers eye-catching graphics, adjustable shelves, easy mobility and, best of all, increased sales and profits. 

Counter Displays

The new counter displays offer distributors who have limited space, or even distributors who have the space but wish to stimulate impulse purchases, an attractive, space-saving point-of-purchase display. 

The displays are capable of holding anywhere from 12 to 24 bottles.  They can be easily refilled and are made of fiberboard construction.   

Shaker Cards

The shaker card is an interactive point-of-purchase display that demonstrates the features and benefits of our additives.  There are three in all, Diesel Aid, Phaze-Out, and Hot Shot.

Please contact your E-ZOIL sales representative to request your marketing materials.