Start with the Minimum Dilution Ratio

Start Small

a little bit goes a long way

Save your soap and money and always start with the minimum dilution ratio called for in the product's directions. Slowly increase the concentration based on the soil level of your cleaning surface until the desired solution strength is reached. 

Decrease Residue

To decrease sunspots and residue, wash and rinse in small sections.
Sunspots don't just look bad on people...

Wash and rinse surfaces in small sections until the entire area is clean to decrease sun spotting and soap residue on your vehicles and equipment.

To prevent streaks, wash and rinse from bottom to top.

Eliminate Streaks

Streaks and shine just don't mix

Avoid unsightly streaks after cleaning your vehicles and equipment by washing and rinsing surfaces from the bottom toward the top.

Rinse Immediately

Never let soap dry on surfaces prior to rinsing.
Never Let Soap Dry on Surfaces

After washing, always rinse surfaces thoroughly with water. Not only does it remove debris, but it prevents damage to surface top coats.

Avoid washing in direct sunlight

Never Wash in Direct Sun

Take Cover!

Washing your vehicles and equipment is a lot easier to do in nice weather, but it is important to avoid washing in direct sunlight, which can affect surface top coats.