The best vehicle wash, E-Z KLEEN uses a high-performance formula to remove road film, diesel smoke, oil and grease from the exteriors of vehicles and equipment.


  • Removes All Dirt and Grime
  • Removes Diesel Smoke
  • No Water Spotting
  • Use Pressure Washer or Hand Brush
  • Safe on All Surfaces
  • Biodegradable 

For heavy-duty exterior cleaning performance, reach for E-Z KLEEN!


E-ZOIL performance cleaners are formulated for tough cleaning jobs and are safe for the environment when used as directed.

$ 0.00

K50-01 1 GL 4
K50-05 5 GL 1
K50-55 55 GL 1
K50-275 275 GL 1

Dilute 1 part E-Z KLEEN to 30-60 parts water depending on condition of surface to be cleaned. Always apply from bottom toward top, both on application and rinse. Do not allow surface to dry before rinsing. May be used in pressure washer, automatic type washers or applied by hand brushing. Product may be used with hot or cold water, but hot water will give faster cleaning.