Are Your Vehicles Ready For Summer?

You operate your vehicles and equipment in heavy-duty work environments every day.  They end up covered in dirt, dust, mud and who knows what else.  This causes two problems.  First, filthy vehicles convey a second-rate image of your fleet.  And, nobody wants to do business with second-rate.  Second, your critical parts are more likely to breakdown.  This results in expensive repairs and increases the likelihood of expensive downtime. Nobody wants that either.     

Don't worry.  E-ZOIL solves both of these problems.  Our products are capable of cleaning the dirtiest, most grease-encrusted surfaces. 

Use E-ZOIL products to protect your fleet this summer.

E-Z Kleen

Removes All Dirt and Grime

E-Z Brite

Removes Oxidation From Non-Polished Metal

Mirror X

Removes Oxidation From Polished Metal

E-Z Gone

Removes Grease - Water-based degreaser

E-Z Off

Removes Grease - Solvent-based degreaser

Cab Kleen

Cleans Plastic and Carpet

Glass Glitz

Cleans Glass

Bare Air

All-Natural Air Purifier

Cleaning Tips

Always start with the minimum dilution ratio and add more product to obtain the desired effect when mixing.

Always wash and rinse from bottom towards top to eliminate streaking.

Do not allow surface to dry before rinsing.

Wash and rinse smaller areas to decrease sun spotting and residue accumulation.

Never wash in direct sunlight.