The best concentrated acid cleaner for mirror-finish aluminum and stainless steel, MIRROR X uses a high-performance formula to clean and brighten polished exterior surfaces.


  • Removes Oxidation and Corrosion
  • Restores Original Finish
  • For Polished Metal
  • Non-Chalking and Non-Whitening
  • Safe for Glass and Painted Surfaces
  • Pressure Washer or Hand Brush 

For heavy-duty polished aluminum and stainless steel brightening performance, reach for MIRROR X!



E-ZOIL performance cleaners are formulated for tough cleaning jobs and are safe for the environment when used as directed.

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M70-01 1 GL 4
M70-05 5 GL 1
M70-55 55 GL 1
M70-275 275 GL 1

Add 4 ounces of MIRROR X to 1 gallon of water for mildly dirty surfaces. Increase concentration of MIRROR X for dirtier conditions. Always apply from bottom toward top, both on application and rinse. Allow MIRROR X to work for several minutes before rinsing. Do not allow surface to dry before rinsing. May be used in pressure washer, automatic type washers or applied by hand brushing. For best results clean surface first with E-Z KLEEN. For non-polished surfaces, use E-Z BRITE.