Asphalt Remover 1 GL



The best ready-to-use solvent-based emulsifier, ASPHALT REMOVER uses a high-performance formula to effectively dissolve & remove tar, blacktop sealers, & asphalt products from most washable surfaces including concrete, masonry, wood, metal, glass, ceramic & fabrics. ASPHALT REMOVER is ideal for cleaning up tools, equipment, & machinery after spills, splatters, & overspray.


• Dissolves & Removes Tar, Blacktop Sealer & Asphalt Deposits from Tools, Equipment & Machinery
• Cleans Accumulated & Fresh Spills, Spatters & Overspray 
• Non-foaming, Solvent-based Formula
• Ready-to-use

To remove the heaviest asphalt deposits, reach for ASPHALT REMOVER!


E-ZOIL performance cleaners are formulated for tough cleaning jobs and are safe for the environment when used as directed.

Brochure Applications

K20-01 1 GL 4
K20-05 5 GL 1
K20-55 55 GL 1
K20-275 275 GL 1

For Hard Surfaces: Brush, spray, pour, blot or soak object with full-strength cleaner. Allow product to set, then agitate with a rag or stiff bristle brush. Immediately rinse with water. Repeat as-needed.
For Heavily Soiled Surfaces: Scrape deposit surface prior to application. Should only be used on solvent-resistant objects. 
For Painted Surfaces: Apply product to rag, agitate & rinse immediately. Test on an inconspicuous area before use on painted or unknown surfaces.